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Most Popular Email Clients

Below is the email client market share. These numbers are not exclusive - some people use more than one email client.

Don't be confused.. Its simple, really.

Before you set up your NBBIT-hosting email account, start by collecting the following basic nformation. You will need to enter this information during the setup process:

  • Your email address and password.
    When your email software asks for your username, you'll need to enter your full email address.

  • The type of email server your email service uses. (For NBBIT-hosted accounts, POP or POP3)

  • The address of the incoming and outgoing email servers used by NBBIT. (in our case, mail.yourdomain.ext. So if your website address is www.abc.org, your mail server would be mail.abc.org)

Most people know their email addresses and passwords, but many people get confused when asked to enter information about email servers. If you are uncertain, contact NBBIT at 1-800-841-5849.

If you need further assistance, call 800.841.5849 or email info@nbbit.com.

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