NBBIT Email Documentation

We reccomend that you print these pages and refer to them as you setup your account.

Setting up email for adroid devices:


NOTE: android interfaces vary from device to device and version to version. This is a general guide. Your process will differ slightly.





  1. From the home screen, tap Applications > Settings > Accounts & sync > Add account > Manual setup.

  2. On the Incoming settings screen, in the Protocol / Type / Provider drop-down menu, select POP3.

  3. In the Email address and Username text boxes, enter your full e-mail address, for example bob@nbbit.com, and then select Next.
    Your user name is your full e-mail address.

    In the Password text box, enter your email password.

    If you do not have this information, contact NBBIT offices.

    Mail Welcome screen

  4. In the POP3 server text box, enter your POP server name. (in our case, mail.domain.com. So if your website address is www.abc.org, your mail server would be mail.abc.org)

    In the Security type drop-down menu and Server port text boxes, specify the POP settings shown below and then tap Next. Your e-mail application will check your POP settings.

  5. On the Outgoing server settings screen, the Login required option should be selected for you, and the Username and Password text boxes should be filled in. But verify this.

    In the SMTP server text box, enter your SMTP server name. This is the same as the server name in step 4.

  6. In the Account name, text box, enter a name your account (for example "Work email"). In the Your name text box, enter the name you want displayed when you send e-mail to others (for example "Tony Smith"), and then select Finish Setup.

The device will now verify the details are correct, incidated at the top of the screen with the loading wheel and text stating "Verifying POP account information".

Once verified the screen will briefly flash with 'POP account verified' and then show a summary of all email accounts on the device. Your device is now configured to send and receive email.

If you need further assistance, call 800.841.5849 or email info@nbbit.com