I'm traveling and cannot send email

Are you traveling, staying in a hotel, or just popped into a coffee shop and notice suddenly that you can no longer send email? You didn't change anything and it was working fine before. This page will give you more information on why this is happening and what you can do to address this issue so that you can send email.

So you can receive messages fine but cannot send? This is likely because the location's network/system is blocking or does not allow internet traffic over the standard port used for outgoing email - port 25.

Now why do they do this? To prevent spammers from using their internet access to send spam messages.

Now what can you do? We have a few suggestions.

1. If you are at a temporary location (hotel, coffee shop, etc.) the best and probably the easiest thing to do is simply use your NBBIT WEBMAIL. Using this link you should see a login box where you will enter your email address and password.

2. A more permanent solution would be to make changes within your email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, etc...)

a) Change your SMTP Port number from 25 to 465 or 8087 and see if either of those alternate port numbers work.

b) Check to see if you have SMTP Authentication enabled. Generally speaking, you should. But you might find temporary success by disabling this feature while you are traveling. See this page for information regarding SMTP Authentication settings. Make sure to re-enable it when you are finished traveling.

Typically, changing your SMTP port number in step 2a will address the issue.

4. Alternatively, you can TRY to call the internet support of the hotel/location, and find out if they are blocking SMTP traffic over port 25. Chances are you won't get very far, but if you are lucky and get someone that is knowledgable and cooperative, ask them for the name/address of the mail (SMTP) server they prefer you to use, and use THAT in your mail client temporarily. Sadly, it's not always possible to get that information.

Regardless, as long as you have an active internet connection you should at least be able to send and receive email through the WEBMAIL interface, if nothing else. In fact, this is the main purpose of providing webmail, to provide access through a webbrowser in case there is no way to access email through an actual email client.

NBBIT does not provide support for making changes to your email client.
NBBIT does not provide support for issues related to network firewalls that block standard ports.

If you need further assistance, call 800.841.5849 or email info@nbbit.com